Alessya Coletta

Manager of Learning and Clinical Development & Senior Therapist

A portrait of Alessya Coletta, showcasing a professional and approachable demeanour.

Alessya Coletta, M.Sc., BCBA

Manager of Learning and Clinical Development & Senior Therapist

About Alessya

Alessya has been working in the feild of ABA since 2014. She graduated from York University with an Hons. B.Sc in Psychology, where she developed a passion for developmental psychology. She obtained her post-graduate certification through Fanshawe College, in Autism and Behavioural Science. While working in the feild, Alessya was exposed to a variety of opportunities to support families via parent coaching – and quickly realized she wanted to grow and become an active advocate for all the individuals she had supported throughout her early career. These early experiences helped motivate her to obtain her M.Sc in Applied Behaviour Analysis (specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders) through The Sage Colleges. Alessya advocates for a strong foundation in the development of communicaiton skills for her clients – as she believes that advocacy and individual autonomy are paramount!