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Empowering children to succeed in life and reach their goals

Where it started

At Endless Abilities Inc., we believe in focusing not on what you can’t do but what you CAN do! We are dedicated to providing and implementing specialized programs that target individualized goals to allow the child/adolescent to reach their full potential. Endless Abilities consists of an incredibly passionate clinical team devoted to providing quality services. Our vision is to ensure that all children living with a developmental disability receive services at the highest quality based on their individual needs. Our team will stop at nothing to ensure our clients achieve their goals to the best of their abilities.

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Who we are

Owners Fady and Rebecca met while working in the field. They shared a passion for helping children with developmental disabilities. Together, they created a vision towards starting a company that can provide quality and effective ABA services. Their passion for the field can be seen through their work.

Our vision is to be a trusted community service provider and a supportive resource for anyone who walks through our door. We will stop at nothing to ensure our clients reach their goals to the best of their abilities.


To provide outstanding care and quality service to families and individuals living with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. Endless Abilities promotes learning for all and provides an individualized approach to intervention strategies.

We aim to meet every individual’s needs by offering the most common and effective evidence-based practices. By bringing together a team of professionals dedicated to improving their client’s growth and development, we hope to deliver results you can trust and see.


To offer quality services that provide a meaningful impact to the individual and their family. By building meaningful relationships with families, we aim to always maintain honesty and transparency from the day services begin until the day they come to an end. Endless Abilities believes in offering services that are ethical and strives to offer flexibility while maintaining the best interest of the client.

We pride ourselves in offering:

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