Core Clinical Services

An individual approach

Core Clinical Services

Endless Abilities Inc. has specialized in 1:1 ABA therapy since 2018. With an individualized approach to programming, our therapists will go above and beyond to ensure their clients’ needs are met and encourage collaboration across the board. When families opt into our core clinical services (1:1 therapy or 2:1 therapy), they can expect to work alongside an Instructor Therapist, Senior Therapist and a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

Service Offerings:

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On-site at our clinic

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In-home & In Community

Peel Region

In Daycare, Montessori & School

Peel Region

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Age Demographics

Endless Abilities Inc. offers support to children and youth. Most often, children begin their ABA journey between the ages of 3 and 6. However, we believe that learning takes place across an individual’s span. Thus ABA is beneficial for both children and youth.

EA Core Values

Our team takes pride in offering our clients:

One-on-One Applied Behaviour Analysis

Whether working on teaching your child new skills or reducing interfering behaviour, 1-1 behaviour therapy services use evidence-based practices of Applied Behaviour Analysis to create unique individualized goals. Behaviour therapy occurs in-clinic, in-home or in-community starting as low as 9 hours per week. Goals are concentrated in the areas of need, and assessments are conducted to determine the plan to teach the skills.

Speech and Language Services

Speech and Language Services help facilitate the development of a wide range of communication skills, including speech sounds, language, social communication, fluency, cognitive communication and feeding and swallowing.
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Learning with Friends

The Learning with Friends program was designed to offer families affordable ABA therapy and allow individuals to learn alongside a friend! This program will pair up 2 individuals who are working toward similar goals. The peers will be matched based on therapeutic goals, age, skill set, and scheduling preferences. Learning with Friends participants are exposed to social opportunities in a small group ratio (2:1), under the guidance of a trained ABA therapist and under the supervision of a senior therapist and/or BCBA.

Core Clinical Services: Process


Schedule a free consultation with a member of our clinical team


Come in for a meet & greet to tour our facility and gather more info


Complete the Intake Process (registration forms etc.)


Arrange therapy schedule


Meet your Senior Therapist to discuss goals


Assessment completed based on goals


A treatment plan is developed and implemented


Re-assessment to take place every
6 months

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