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Frequently Asked Questions


All services offered by Endless Abilities are covered by Access OAP, including our Core Clinical Services (1:1 and 2:1 therapy), Group Programs (ABA camps and social skills classes), and the Transition Academy

EA will hold payment for up to 4 weeks and then encourage the family to touch base with the care coordinator regarding when funds will be released. Please note that Endless Abilities requires supporting documentation (i.e. OAP number and budget start date) for payment plans to be initiated.

All clinical supervisors of behavioural services who are not currently listed on the Ontario Autism Program provider list must complete and sign the clinical supervisor attestation form. Unlisted clinical supervisors must give clients the signed attestation form before delivering services. Endless Abilities Inc. is listed as a provider under the OAP providers list. However, some of our clinicians are not yet listed as providers. We will let you know at the onset of services if you must submit an attestation form based on the BCBA that will be supporting you.

Access and download the Clinical Attestation Form by clicking here.

Endless Abilities Inc. accepts installments up to $10,000. However, as per the OAP funding guidelines, advanced payments/deposits are not covered by Access OAP. Once services have been rendered, the client can submit the paid receipt to the Access OAP portal to be reimbursed for the services they’ve received. You cannot pay for services that were not and will not be delivered to your child in the specified times by the OAP.
You must only submit your invoice following services rendered. Please note that the OAP requires a paid stamp on every invoice submitted. Endless Abilities Inc. invoices meet all criteria under Access OAP.
Any sensory toys, supportive devices or assistive technology must be recommended by a BCBA. To make use of the OAP funding for these items, the client needs to provide a signed letter from the BCBA that explains the rationale for acquiring the materials/items. The BCBA assigned to your child’s team will make recommendations as they see fit.

Yes! OAP does cover transportation by reimbursing families for mileage to and from therapy. Mileage to travel to the clinic for sessions can be submitted separately by the parent.

OAP also covers transportation services such as Uber, Let’s Buggy and other transportation services offered in the GTA. Parents can choose to pay the transportation providers directly or request that the billing be done through Endless Abilities Inc. Please note that consent must be provided to both companies to arrange billing terms and agreements.

The Transition Academy

The Transition Academy is not a private school under the Ministry of Education. This program is covered under the Ontario Autism Program.
Each class has a maximum of 8 children.
An experienced Behaviour Therapist will be teaching the class, and an educational assistant will be supporting your child. Access and download the Clinical Attestation Form by clicking here.
The goal of this program is to prepare your child for a mainstream classroom. Children will be taught to learn in groups, work with classmates, socialize with friends and many academic goals. An assessment will be conducted at the start of each academic year to determine the individualized goals accompanying the group goals.
The Transition Academy does not include SLP and OT services, but families are welcome to add services if their child needs extra support in this area.

Children enrolled in this program should be on track for the general education program. Your child should be able to sit down and engage in basic imitation skills. Below is a list of skills required before entering The Transition Academy:

  • A communication system
  • Some basic attending skills
  • Toilet training
An introductory meeting will be conducted before registration. This meeting will help determine if your child has the prerequisite skills to be successful in a group environment.
Yes! Endless Abilities offers before and after care for an additional cost. Please reach out for more information.

CLICK HERE FOR THE REGISTRATION LINK. Completing the registration form is just the first step of the process. Your child is not guaranteed a spot following completion of the form. After you’ve submitted the form, a member of our clinic team will reach out to discuss the next steps in the registration process.

Following your interest in the program, a member of our team who will be supporting you with the intake process will share pricing for the program and any additional fees before your child is enrolled.

The Transition Academy is offered at Endless Abilities’ Mississauga clinic at 291 Queen Street South.

Group Programs

Social skills classes are offered on Saturdays for 10-week blocks.
Social skills classes are in the Spring, Fall, and Winter. To receive notifications regarding social skills, join our mailing list!
We offer 3 groups for different ages to ensure your child can make friends that last a lifetime.
All programs and services offered by Endless Abilities Inc. are covered by Access OAP
There is no assessment for entry. However, an Endless Abilities team member will meet you and your child to determine if the program is a good fit for your child.
Families must pay for the entire program upfront to secure their child’s spot in the program. Attendance to the entire program is highly recommended to ensure your child gets the full benefit of the program.
As this is a block program, families must pay for the entire program. We ask that all families plan to ensure their child can attend all sessions. Historically, some families may decide to miss 1-2 sessions however, Endless Abilities does not reimburse for missed classes. We recommend signing up for blocks that your child can fully attend.

Endless Abilities provides group programs at two locations. In Mississauga, our group programs are available at 291 Queen Street South. In Burlington, our group programs are available at 1810 #2 Ironstone Dr.

Summer Camps

Yes! We offer ABA Summer camps providing families with the option to choose from part-time (half days Monday – Friday) and full-time (Monday – Friday 8:30-3:30).

Endless Abilities offers the Get Ready for School Summer Camp for children aged 5-9 and the Summer Bridge Summer Camp for children aged 10-15.
Unfortunately, your child must be toilet trained to attend camp. We offer toilet training programs through 1-1 ABA services and through parent consultations. We recommend reaching out ahead of camp to begin working on toilet-training.
Children will actively participate in collaborative group activities, engage in activities that enhance fine and gross motor skills, practice emotional regulation in a group setting, and build meaningful friendships.
Absolutely! The camps are designed to work on social skills and to improve peer communication. Although no assessment is completed to create individualized goals, your child will have ample opportunities to develop and enhance their social skills. through engaging in group activities, team-building exercises, and structured play.
To secure your child’s spot in the camp, a $200 deposit is required by June 30th for the summer camp and February 15th for the March break camp. Following the first week of camp, you must pay for the program in full for the remainder of the weeks you’ve signed your child up for. For families receiving funding from Access OAP, you will continue to receive weekly invoice receipts following each week of camp that will contain a breakdown of services to be submitted to the OAP.
Endless Abilities also offers the ABA Camp during the March Break.

Speech and Language Services

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