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Group Programs

Providing a supportive environment where children with autism and other developmental disabilities can flourish.

Saturday Social Skills

Start a 10-week social skills program for children 3 to 15 years old. Available during winter, spring, and fall sessions.

Junior Socials

Ages 3-6

Nurture your child’s social skills, like joint attention and social play, fostering self-regulation and emotional development.

Senior Socials

Ages 6-10

Cultivate your child’s interpersonal skills, encouraging social perspective-taking and building self-awareness.

Teen Club

Ages 11-15

Enhance your child’s self-esteem by building communication, fitness, self-care, social, and leisure skills.

Weeknight Programs

Participate in engaging and diverse activities from Monday to Friday that address various developmental needs.

Monday Meal Prep

Ages 10-15 & 16+

Your child will learn practical problem-solving skills through meal preparation, recipe following, and kitchen appliance usage. Finished with a group dinner for social skill practice.

Tuesday Tutoring

Ages 7+

Your child will gain classroom readiness skills, academic focus, and school curriculum support, ensuring success in their educational journey.

Fitness Fridays

Ages 12+

Your child will practice social interaction through circuit training, group workouts, resistance training, stretching, yoga, and other exercises.

Friday Movie Nights

Ages 8+ 

Your child (and their siblings, if desired) will experience monthly peer interaction opportunities in a relaxed setting, providing respite for primary caregivers.

ABA Camps

Explore our enriching camps designed to promote holistic development.

Get Moving March Break Program

Ages 5-9, 10-15

Incorporates music, movement, and social problem-solving strategies to encourage peer socialization and reduce severe social anxiety

Get Ready for School Summer Camp

Ages 5-9

Equips children with essential social communication skills and pre-academic readiness to help prepare them for school.

Summer Bridge Summer Camp

Ages 10-15

Bridges the gap between school years with themed weeks focusing on social interactions and outdoor activities.

Why Choose Endless Abilities’ Group Programs?

Social Skills Development

Our programs prioritize building essential social skills across various age groups, ensuring children learn how to navigate social interactions confidently.

Tailored Programs for Developmental Needs

Whether your child is on the autism spectrum or faces other developmental disabilities, our programs provide specialized support and foster growth in a safe and inclusive environment.

Enhanced Self-Esteem

Our programs help children build self-esteem through engaging activities and supportive interactions as they achieve milestones, develop new skills, and form meaningful connections with peers and mentors.

Active Learning through Role-Playing

Through role-playing activities, our programs help children practice assertive communication and develop active listening skills, enhancing their ability to express themselves effectively and understand others.

Supportive Community and Resources

Our programs provide parents and caregivers access to a supportive community and valuable resources, including parent coaching and educational materials, to help them navigate their child’s developmental journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, social skills classes are offered on Saturdays for 10-week blocks.
Social skills classes are offered in our Mississauga facility during the Spring, Fall, and Winter. To receive notifications about social skills classes, join our mailing list!
We offer 3 groups for different ages to ensure your child can make friends that last a lifetime.
Yes! We offer ABA Summer camps in our Mississauga facility, with families able to choose between part-time (half days Monday – Friday) and full-time (Monday – Friday 8:30-3:30) options.
Endless Abilities offers the Get Ready for School Summer Camp for children aged 5-9 and the Summer Bridge Summer Camp for children aged 10-15.
Unfortunately, your child must be toilet trained to attend camp. We offer toilet training programs through one-on-one ABA services and parent consultations. We recommend reaching out ahead of camp to begin working on toilet training.
You can find photos of Endless Abilities and our facilities on our dedicated photos page

Endless Abilities provides services at two locations. In Mississauga, our clinic is located at 291 Queen Street South. We offer core clinical services, group programs, and the Transition Academy at this location. In Burlington, our clinic is located at 1810 #2 Ironstone Dr. We offer core clinical services and group programs at this location.

Additionally, we offer in-home and community services in the Peel and Halton Regions as well as daycare, Montessori, and school settings.

A teacher playing with a group of interracial children using educational toys, creating a fun and inclusive learning environment.

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