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We offer in-centre and in-home ABA therapy for families and individuals living with disabilities, including autism and multi-diagnoses.
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What we offer

Using applied behaviour analysis therapy to help children with autism and multi-diagnoses.

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Core Clinical Services

We offer specialized core clinical services, including 1:1 and 2:1 ABA therapy, parent consultations, and speech therapy.

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Transition Academy

Get your child ready for school using applied behaviour analysis (ABA) principles. The Academy covers subjects like math, science, language, social science, and art.

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Group Programs

Discover our diverse group programs featuring Monday Meal Prep, Tuesday Tutoring, Fitness Fridays, Movie Nights, Saturday Social Skills and ABA Camps.

Who we are

Empowering children step-by-step with ABA therapy.

Going beyond traditional ABA therapy, we craft personalized journeys for children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. Discover the impact of our dedicated services, incorporating early intensive behavioural intervention and applied behaviour analysis techniques to foster desired behaviours and learning skills.

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Our Philosophy

At Endless Abilities, we focus on capabilities, not limitations. Dedicated to individualized ABA programs, we empower children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities to reach their full potential through positive reinforcement, enhancing communication skills, and promoting social skills.

Passionate Clinical Team

Meet our incredibly passionate clinical team. Devoted to quality services, we stop at nothing to meet each autistic child's unique needs, from teaching new skills in their natural environment to addressing problematic behaviour with the utmost care.

Vision for Quality Services

Our vision is clear: Every child with a spectrum disorder or developmental disabilities deserves the highest-quality services. We tailor our approach to individual needs, focusing on early intervention and developing academic skills, social competence, and effective communication abilities.

Founders' Journey

Fady and Rebecca, our founders, share a vision born from their passion for helping children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. Their dedication to the quality of services provided is driven by a deep belief in the potential of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) to make a meaningful difference in family life and everyday challenges.


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Frequently asked questions

The ABA technique, or applied behaviour analysis, is a scientific approach focused on improving socially significant behaviours through evidence-based interventions. It involves understanding how behaviours are influenced by the environment and applying strategies like positive reinforcement and behaviour modification to increase desired behaviours and reduce unwanted ones.

ABA therapy enhances the quality of life for individuals with autism spectrum disorders by teaching communication, social, and learning skills and adapting behaviours for everyday life. It employs ABA techniques to promote positive behaviours, reduce problematic behaviour, and help individuals achieve greater independence and functioning.

An ABA therapy session may involve teaching social skills to a child through role-playing and social stories, focusing on initiating interactions and understanding social cues. Techniques include modelling, rehearsal, and feedback, with positive reinforcement for successful target behaviour engagement tailored to the child’s progress and response.

Our ABA therapists bring experience and specialized education to their roles, ensuring they are qualified to support children with autism spectrum disorders or developmental disabilities through applied behaviour analysis and behavioural interventions.

The Transition Academy uses applied behaviour analysis (ABA) principles to prepare children with autism or developmental disabilities for the general education program. Our academy simulates a school setting to enhance social skills, communication, and learning abilities, ensuring a smooth transition to group learning environments. Focusing on positive behaviours and early intensive behavioural intervention, we aim to equip each child for academic and social success in a supportive clinical setting.

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